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Support During and post- COVID

As you and your business work your way through this unprecedented time in the restaurant industry, you are being faced with the need to understand and negotiate the many operating restrictions created by the COVID crisis. Decisions regarding team and guest health and safety, changes in Standard Operating Practices, operating budgets and cash flow (especially as PPP funds dissipate) amid the dozens of choices you make daily, all need to be re-appraised, re-considered and re-evaluated.

Your next steps are critical to your long-term success. Sternberg Hospitality is here to assist you in your decision-making process, providing experience, insight, and industry data to support you in making the right choices.  Whether your need is as simple as team re-training, concept refresh, financial analysis and/or diversifying your revenue stream, or as detailed as a full-scale review and relaunch plan, the Sternberg Hospitality team will work with you to bring you to the right decisions specific to your unique business. Please call or email to discuss your situation in confidence without cost or obligation.
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